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Cyprus dams inflow in January 2019 alone exceeds 3 previous years combined!

Date: 21/01/19

Rainfall in Cyprus in January 2019 has broken records and as of today (21st January) sits at 103 million cubic meters inflow into the dam network – an amount of water that unbelievably exceeds the entire inflow for the last three years combined!

Cyprus has one on the highest rates of rainwater collection in Europe, allowing the island to comfortably sustain its agriculture and tourism industries. However, after the drought of 2017, the water levels in January 2018 were at a precarious level of only 14% full. With a hot summer to come, everyone had been asking for rain. Prayers seem to have been answered as the heavens opened up to deliver record rainfall that started in December 2018 and intensified in the new year. According Water Development Department as of the 21st of January 2019 reservoirs around the island are 51.8%t full.

The Asprokremmos dam in Paphos that holds a massive 52 million cubic meters (mcm) of water was down to 20% capacity on this day in 2018. It now stands at 72% with a good chance of it being filled before the rain stops. 

A smaller Yermasoyia dam in the Limassol district with a capacity of 13.5 mcm has already overflowed, which was recorded on Sunday night. This is also a record of a kind as it is only the fifth time the dam filled to capacity since it started operating in 1968. 

All in all, the recent record-breaking rainfall gives a positive start to the new year!

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