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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

Demand from Russian buyers stable, British buyers return in force.

Date: 26/05/14

Russian buyers have proved extremely resilient to the problems in Ukraine and more importantly the near 25 % depreciation in the Russian Ruble against the Euro.

While it is an apparent thread that the troubles have made some potential Russian buyers delay their purchase of a property in Cyprus, the sheer quality of our resale portfolio has prompted many to jump in now before we sell it to someone else.

An established professional company Cyprus Resales (Registered Estate Agents No 669) has long been known as Russian marketing specialist in Paphos area. However our expertise doesn’t spot there. We have been extensively studying and engaging with the English speaking international market for a while now.  Increasing advertising expenditure on international market has had great effect - more and more British buyers find that Cyprus Resales can offer a quality range of mainly deeded Paphos property. Like Russian buyers they follow our award winning website and see that we’re selling our exclusive resale listings with speed and efficiency.

More and more sellers of Paphos property have come to the conclusion that Cyprus Resales are the only estate agency you will ever need to sell a property in Cyprus. Obtaining a listing with Cyprus Resales represents a stamp of approval from a reputable estate agent and gives every property a great chance to sell.

Over the coming summer months we expect a seasonal increase of demand among Russian buyers.  As for British buyers, backed by strengthening of British pound sterling they are more than ever encouraged by the value represented in Cyprus property. Competition for great value properties between buyers has been fierce with no time for “playing it cool”. The lesson for buyers is clear: don’t think about it too long or it will be gone.

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