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Rates of the Sewerage Board of Paphos (S.P.B.)

Date: 11/12/15

Another frequently asked question from our clients is the annual fee from the Sewerage Board of Paphos.

The sewerage fees are based on the estimated value of the properties within the S.B.P. boundaries at 1.1.1980 values, as they are shown on the title deed for each individual property. The annual fees are announced in the Government Gazette and the Press. In addition, S.P.B. is posting bills to all owners of immovable property within the boundaries of the Sewerage Board, once a year.

Rates from the sewerage board of Paphos for private residences, plots and fields in 2015 are:
Sewerage: 4% - € 4 for every € 1.000
Drainage: 1% - € 1 for every € 1.000 

Let’s see a couple of examples to better understand how the calculation of sewage fees is done.

Example 1. 
An apartment in Paphos with a 1980’s value of 16.000 Euro.
Sewerage: 4 x 16 = 64 Euro  
Drainage: 1 x 16 = 16 Euro   
Total: 80 Euro per year.

Example 2. 
A villa in Paphos with a 1980’s value of 35.000 Euro. 
Sewage: 4 x 35 = 140 Euro   
Drainage: 1 x 35 = 35 Euro
Total: 175 Euro a year.

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