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Cyprus Property News

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Cyprus Property News

When there is blood in the streets, buy a property in Cyprus!

Date: 03/05/13

The Cyprus real estate market has been hit hard and prices have suffered a severe drop. We investigate why now is exactly the right time to buy.

Buy low sell high. 
Sounds easy enough, does it not? But as human beings we tend to go with the flow and do what others are doing. People in general tend to buy on a high and sell on a low. And thus it is exactly what’s happening in Cyprus property market today – people sell and more people sell. Those buyers, who have the foresight to invest during this unstable period, have the pick of some excellent properties. 

Opportunity knocks – answer the door!
Shrewd investors see the Cypriot property market for what it is – a perfect buying opportunity. As described above, people tend to sell together and buy together. If you buy when the sentiment is to sell then indeed opportunity knocks on your door. Buyers currently have an unrivalled choice of quality properties at very attractive prices and secured with title deeds. When the market rebounds (as it always does) clever property investors will be sitting pretty.

Don’t wait  act now.
The recent banking crisis has further depressed the market prices which are now at all time lowest. Many of our properties are listed at less than their asset value. As most of the materials from steel to ceramic tiles are imported, construction prices will not drop far, if any. A lot of our properties are advertised at prices very close to reconstruction costs. Would you like free land? Buy now!

The Future.
The population of Cyprus is due to expand over the next few decades. In fact, it expanded by a massive 21.7 % in the 10 years between 2001 -2011. Moreover, the planned changes to immigration law attracting wealthy non – Europeans will increase demand for real estate over the medium to long term. Although natural gas development is years away it will come on stream and when it does many highly paid professionals will be looking for housing too. All this and, the most important thing of all, the unbeatable Cypriot weather with long summer days and great mild winters that no European country can match, guarantee a stable interest in Cypriot property. We have already seen stabilization on the market. Next step is appreciation of real estate.

Follow the advice of successful investor Baron Rothschild who famously said, "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets." It has been proven time after time that when the appearances are at its worst it's time of great opportunities.

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