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Immigration, Residency and Visas

Get permanent residency (Visa F) for a fraction of the price of a new developer’s property.

Obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus is easier with a resale property than with a new property from a developer. Fast Track Residency means you buy at inflated developer’s price and have to lock tens of thousands with the bank for 3 years. Normal Permanent Residency allows you to buy a resale property with title deeds at real market prices without freezing any money at the bank.

We use only lawyers who specialize in Immigration law in Cyprus.

Our legal partners will be able to advise you all the way in obtaining a permanent residency permit (Visa F) here in Cyprus. Your family will obtain the right to reside in Cyprus for the best price and the best terms. Buy a resale property at the best market price and receive your Permanent Residency via a normal procedure. Save money and relax.

Buy for as little as 60,000 Euro and obtain Visa F in Cyprus.

You can obtain a permanent residency permit in Cyprus with any of our properties. Contact us today to obtain residency on a top quality deeded resale at real market prices. Our clients have obtained “Visa F” even after purchasing a 1 bedroom property for as little as 60,000 Euro. Get EU residency for the best possible price.

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Immigration, Residency and Visas

Tourist visa (Online pro-visa & Multi-visa)

For a short term (under 90 days) stay in Cyprus non EU citizens require a simple tourist visa or a multi-visa. Once you purchase a property in Cyprus you automatically have a right to acquiring a multi visa for up to 5 years. This visa will allow you multiple entry for stay up to 180 days per year and up to 90 days in every 6 months. Russian citizens can take advantage of a user-friendly online pro-visa.

Visa application forms should be sent to the following email address: The applications which are submitted before 3:00 p.m. are processed on the same day. On receipt of the confirmation simply print it out and take with you to Cyprus. When you arrive at Paphos or Larnaca airport you will have to present the pro-visa at passport control.

The application forms you can find on the website of Embassy of Cyprus in Moscow:
or Consulate General of Cyprus in St.Petersburg:

Temporary Residency ("Pink Slip")

It is the right of every non EU citizen to apply for what is known as a "pink slip" or temporary residency permit. You will need the temporary residency permit if you plan to stay in Cyprus over 90 days in half a year. The first temporary residency permit is usually issued for 1 year. Renewals of the temporary residency permit must be made at least 1 month prior to the expiration of the current permit. In our experience it’s better to go a few months in advance and get an early appointment for a renewal.

Temporary residency allows you to stay in Cyprus for the duration of the permit, the only restriction is that you cannot leave Cyprus for a period more than 3 consecutive months. This would lead to the temporary residency being cancelled and you will have to apply for a new one.

Every applicant must satisfy the requirement to have sufficient funds at his/her disposal, so that an applicant can lead a good standard of living in Cyprus without having to engage in any work related activities while on the island. Officially this income from abroad should be EUR 10,000 for the main applicant and EUR 5,000 for every dependent member of family (children). In our experience proof of annual income around EUR 20,000 for a couple is usually acceptable; add around EUR 5,000 Euro for each dependent child. Having said this, it should be noted that the more you can show on deposit the easier the decision for the Immigration officer will be.

You will be able to apply for permanent residence after residing on the island for 5 consecutive years.

Permanent Residency Permit ("Category F")

The famed "Category F" visa is a long term residency permit for non EU citizens. Some of the basic rules for application are outlined here. Remember that the more information you give to back up your application, the better. The immigration officer will want to see that you have sufficient income from your own country to provide for you and your family in Cyprus and not to burden the state.

The easiest and fasted way to apply for a category F visa is to purchase a property of over 300,000 Euro. At a single stroke you will be entitled to apply for a Category F visa. Although the purchase of a 300,000 Euro plus property is no guarantee of an approved application (applicants must also have sufficient funds to live in Cyprus without working here) it will however show a strong financial commitment to the island that will be looked at very favorably by the immigration authorities in Cyprus.

Permanent residency category F usually has no expiration date. The visa remains valid as long as the applicant is not absent from the island for a period of more than 2 years.

Our council of professional lawyers will be able to help you with your applications for residency in Cyprus.

**** Update*** June 2013

This news article on our site has some additional information related to recent changes in the process for permanent residency in Cyprus You can also download the required documents both in Russian and in English from the links below.

Fast Track Vs Standard Application for residency in Cyprus (Fast-Track-Vs-Standard-application-for-Cyprus-Visa-F-or-permanent-residency-permit.--news.html)

Documents required for the application for Permanent residency in Cyprus ( English )

Documents required for the application for Permanent residency in Cyprus ( Russian )

Cypriot Citizenship

Cypriot citizenship can be obtained by being born in Cyprus, marrying a Cypriot spouse (after 3 years of marriage) or via naturalization (after 7 years of permanent residence). If you buy a property in Cyprus in order to live here continuously then after 7 years of living on the island you have a formal right to apply for a Cypriot citizenship. To qualify you must spend on the island full 7 years out of last 8 years living in Cyprus. The period of absence while living on the island should not exceed 10 months. Also over the last year prior to application you should not leave Cyprus for over 2 weeks.

EU Citizens ("Yellow Slip")

Under EU law all EU citizens have the right to reside in Cyprus provided they are not a burden to the state. EU citizens who plan to work and live in Cyprus are required to register their presence at the Immigration office within 3 months of arrival. Failing to do so will mean you will have no access to health, education and other state run bodies that require the registration permit. Failing to register can also result in a small fine. "Yellow Slips" are issued on the day of application and do not expire.


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