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недвижимость на кипре

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Your choice of a legal representative is one of the most important decisions you will make during your property purchase. As with any country Cyprus has its own nuances, that differ from other countries where you may have experience of purchasing a property.

You will in all circumstances need a lawyer. The lawyer you choose will be able to represent you in every aspect of the property purchase - from acquiring Council of Ministers’ approval (not required for EU citizens) and making adjustments to the contact of sale in order to protect your interests to paying all relevant taxes. Your lawyer will also ensure all your utility bills are transferred to your name after the purchase of your new home.

If you do not have a lawyer in Cyprus we will be happy to recommend one from our council of approved lawyers. Rest assured that being a customer of "Cyprus Resales" will entitle you to the very best independent legal advice at the best rates possible.

All of the lawyers we recommend have shown not just integrity (a prerequisite for a lawyer), but also diligence and speed in the execution of their duties, something that cannot be said for every lawyer in Cyprus. From the point of view of our company, you will always be our client. We will work alongside your lawyer to make sure that every aspect of the sale’s process goes as smoothly as possible.

The fact that almost all of our hand-picked properties have title deeds (or are close to obtaining them) will make your property purchase much easier. All of our properties are vetted before listing, making your lawyer’s job simpler. That’s why banks and lawyers alike smile and relax when people say they are buying with the help of “Cyprus Resales”. They know you’ve bought from the company with the best properties at the best prices…


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